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Roller forming machine

Main Feature

  • Simple structure, beautiful exterior, the whole machine buildup by qualitysteel, the whole process after welding, so suit structure, strong loading capacity, working calm.
  • Some important equipments come from famous companies, sure good quality and performance.
  • Automatic cutting equipment, precision cutting, no distortion
  • easy debug, suit factory.
  • Small noise and high working
  • Design machine according customer work piece drawings


Product description

Features of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The C shaped purlin formed by C purlin roll forming machine has excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. Machine adopt cast iron structure, which will increase the strength of the machine.

The processing of Punching & Cutting has different type for choosing: Post-Punching & Post-Cutting, Pre-Punching & Post Cutting, Pre-Punching & Pre-Cutting.


Applications of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The finished products are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.


Process Flow of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Uncoiler — Feeding — Straightening — Pre-punching — Pre-cutting — Roll Forming — Exit Rack

Uncoiler — Feeding — Straightening — Roll Forming — Post Punching — Post Cutting — Exit Rack

Machine Configurations of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

1. Hydraulic Uncoiler 2. Feeding Device
3. Straightening 4. Roll Forming Machine
5. Punching 6. Cutting
7. PLC Control System 8. Exit Rack

Profile Drawings for Reference





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