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Hot forging press machine


  1. The upward and downward material-topping design canreduce the inclination of mold cavity to minimize material consumption and save on materials.
  2. Strong start-up force ensures high production efficiency.
  3. High-speed travel between forging materials and molds canextend the serving life of molds.
  4. The travel specification of machine are different from tradition ones, and the length of travel can be increased to facilitate processing of various forgings.
  5. The operation winds installed at both sides of the machine frame can facilitate the transmission of forgings and enable automatic pressing operation.
  6. The box-type machine frame features rigid structure that is ideal for cold, warm or hot forging operations and tun out high-precision forgings.
  7. High production efficiency, simple operation, easy main-tenance and low production cost.
  8. The transmission system boasts a special design that can help reduce noise pollution.
  9. A special design to tackle mold-sticking conditions canmake molds return to their normal state for easy operation.
  10. The double-guide design promise great strength of inclination, allow heavy eccentric load and enables multi-forging operations to wok out precision forgings.
  11. The centralized lubricated system can reduce frictionsamong varied machined parts.
  12. Mutiple safety-operation circuit system assures the safety of operations.
  13. Precision fitted with CNS specification.


Product description

High Speed Forging Press is suitable for processing forgings needed in hand tools, autos, motorcycles, bicycles,trains, ships, machine tools, textile machines,woodwork machines, conveying equipment, mining machinery, hardware parts, etc. It’s an indispensable machinery equipment for modernized forging plants,because it can produce precision forgings that can meet customer’s quality and delivery requirements.The machine is a sharp production tool for forging plants.


Advantages Design
High Production Efficiency Longer Die Life High Stroke Speed Ram and Bed Ejection Design
High Precision Forging Parts Extended Eight-Faced Guide Ways
Stable Product Quality Unique Connecting Rod Design
High Safety Standard PLC Multi Circuit Loop System,
Ensure the Safety for Operator and Machine Micro Computer Load Meter
Fulfill the Environmental Protection Standards Flywheel Transmission Has Low Noise Decibel
Easy to MaintenanceEasy to Operate Well Designed Lubrication System
Mold Stuck Releasing System
Iron, Aluminum, Copper and Titanium Alloys are Practicable in forging Longer Stroke Distance Shut Height is adjustable



Item / Model Unit FP-400 FP-600 FP-800 FP-1000
(400 TONS) (600 TONS) (800 TONS) (1000 TONS)
Capacity Tons 400 600 800 1000
Stroke of ram mm 175 200 250 250
Adjustment of ram mm 10 10 10 10
Number of stroke Spm 100 95 85 85
Work number of stroke Spm 18 18 16 16
Shut height mm 505 650 650 800
Rated tonnage point mm 5 5 5 5
(L-R & F-B) Ram dimension mm 590*650 690*630 800*790 940*850
(L-R & F-B) Table dimension mm 770*840 880*880 980*1000 1100*1050
(L-R & F-B) Side window mm 450*450 500*500 600*600 700*650
Main motor Kwxp 30kw*8p 37kw*8p 45kw*8p 55kw*8p
Ram of adjustment motor Kwxp 0.4kw*4p 0.4kw*4p 0.75kw*4p 0.75kw*4p
Motor of lubrication Kwxp 0.1kw*4p 0.1kw*4p 0.1kw*4p 0.1kw*4p
Ejector in the ram Tons-mm 6Ton-20mm 6Ton-20mm 6Ton-30mm 2.5×3=7.5Ton-30mm
Ejector in the table Tons-mm 12Ton-40mm 12Ton-40mm 12Ton-40mm 8×3=24Ton-40mm
Ejector hydraulic oil motor Kwxp 5.5kw*6P 5.5kw*6P 5.5kw*6P 7.5kw*6P
Working number-distance Number-mm 1 1 1 3-200
Air pressure kg/cm2 5 5 5 5
Press weight kg 29,500 40,000 52,000 72,000
(L*W*H*) Press dimension mm 2100*3360*4260 2260*3550*4970 2700*4000*5300 2800*4300*5800


Machine layout design

Tonnage @Energy ,stroke Curve


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