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CNC laser cutting machine

KS-2040HP-4000/6000/8000W laser cutting machine takes into account the exchange platform and sheet metal protective cover, supports sheet metal processing of 4000mm×2000mm format, parallel exchange, stable and efficient, and is widely used in sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing and other sheet metal processing industries. .



Product description

KS-2040HP Pallet Changer Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutter


Machine gantry structure

Adopting the movable gantry structure, the gantry adopts the aviation aluminum extrusion profile, the machine bed is made of high-quality plate welded structure, professional welding, secondary aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision machining, material selection and process to ensure the machine tool High speed, stability and durability.

Exchange platform

Motor driven chain, parallel fast exchange, avoiding problems caused by climbing or hydraulic exchange; The double platform is respectively set with a pneumatic clamping device to ensure that the platform is stable and does not tremble when the sheet is cut;

















The KS-2040HP features a fiber cutting head with Germany brand and a professional QBH fiber optic output interface for a highly sealed and precise focus calibration. Owing to the excellent performance of high-speed capacitive sensor, the cutting gap can be as short as 0.1mm, which not only improves the cutting performance, but also reduces the gas consumption.


The FSCUT8000 system is a high-end intelligent bus system launched for the needs of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting of 8KW and above. It is stable and reliable, easy to deploy, easy to debug, safe in production, rich in functions, and excellent in performance; it supports and provides modular, personalized, automated, and informatized solution


KISTON Laser KS2040HP optimizes your manufacturing process in a variety of ways. In a single operation,, you can create perforations and complex contours. In addition, the tube can be cut into multiple sections. This enables innovative design solutions to minimize downstream tasks such as deburring, welding and assembly. The intermediate stages (such as storage and part handling) require much less resources, so you can greatly reduce the process and cost of each part compared to the production methods using traditional sawing, drilling and milling tool.






Technical parameter

Item KS-2040HP Unit
Working area 4000×2000 mm
X-axis travel 2020 mm
Y-axis travel 4020 mm
Z-axis travel 300 mm
X,Y positioning accuracy ±0.05/1000mm mm
X,Y repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03/1000mm mm
Acceleration 1.5G m/s²
Max running speed 120 m/min
Table load Max 2000Kgs, recommend within 1500Kgs Kg
Machine size 10355mm×4742mm×2458mm
Laser power 8000 w
Control system Fscut 8000 system
Machine Whole power 45 Kw
Voltage 380v/50Hz/60HZ

(data for reference)


Machine configuration

Item Brand Manufacturer Unit
Servo Motor Japanese brand Japan 4 sets
Linear Guide rail Taiwanese brand Taiwan Whole sets
Gear rack pinion Taiwanese brand Taiwan Whole sets
Machine servo drivers Fuji Imported 4set
Chucks JQ China 2sets
Pneumatic Components AirTAG Taiwan Whole sets
Laser source IPG 8KW China 1set
Laser head Precitec Germany 1set
Chiller Tongfei/ Hanli China 1set
Air condition Tongfei China 1set
Low voltage electrical components CHNT China Whole sets
Industrial computer Yanhua China 1 set
Lubrication system China China 1 set
Touch screen Jinkong China 1 set
Control system Fscut China 1 set

(Note: If the customer purchases the above parts themselves, the specified brand and model must be purchased; if the brand is changed arbitrarily, the impact on the performance of the whole machine is the responsibility of the customer. The standard accessories provided by our company are guaranteed for 1 year.)


Consumable analysis


parts Electricity consumption(KW) total
Laser source 24 45KW/H
Machine base 13
Chiller 8


Gas Consumption:

Gas type volume /can Using time Using Volume Cutting performance note
Oxygen (40L) 80 minutes 30L/H Black edge 1mm carbon steel
Nitrogen (40L) 20 minutes 120L/H White edge 1mm stainless steel


  1. The recommended gas purity is 99.99%.
  2. The above cost standard is Chinese standard for reference only
  3. Air cutting can be chosen when conditions are ripe.


Spare parts consumable list:

Spare parts Using time(hour) Unit Note
Protect Glass ≥600 20$ Good environment can keep parts using longer life time
Copper Nozzle ≥400 20$
Focus Lens ≥6000 300$


Installation preparation

Item Name Requirement Note
Power supply Capacity ≤50kva
Voltage 380±5% Automatic voltage stabilizing device must be installed
Grounding resistance ≤4Ω
There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation equipment, and there should be no radio transmission station or relay station around the installation.
Water Water chiller water It is recommended to use pure water, deionized or distilled water, and the specified antifreeze can be added in winter.
Gas Requirements N2, O2 Purity ≥99.99% Will have difference according to different materials, technology
Compressed air Pressure ≥2.5mpa
Working Environment Temperature 5-40℃
Humidity ≤70%
Ground Ground standard:500kg/m2

Amplitude ≤50um, Amplitude acceleration≤0.05g, No large punching vibration equipment nearby

Equipment space requirements to ensure smoke-free dust, avoid metal dust, grinding and other dusty working environment, and must install anti-static floor, connect shielded wire


Cutting ability for reference


Applied industry


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