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H type two point press

Main Features

1.The high-rigidity body is designed, the high-quality steel plate is used for welding, and the stability and reliability of the precision of the whole machine are high by relieving the internal stress;
2.The precision machining is high, the noise is low, and the comprehensive clearance is low;
3.The symmetrical six- -face long guide rail of the sliding block is used for guiding, so that precision is high, and the operation is stable;
4.The adjustment of the mold height is precision, safe, convenient and reliable;
5.The crankshaft, gear set, connecting rod and other components have high comprehensive performance and durability through the hard oxidization, grinding and other process treatment;
6.The closed high-rigidity body is designed, the high- -quality steel plate is used for welding, and the stability and reliability of the precision of the whole. machine are high by relieving the internal stress;
7.The automatic thick oil lubrication system is available, so that it is convenient and accurate for supplying the oil; and the oil line alarm function is provided, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine tool;
8.The structural design of the whole machine is reasonable, so as to be convenient for realizing the automatic production, reduce the cost, and improve the efficiency;
9.The advanced design philosophy is provided, the noise is low, the consumption is low, and the energy is saved.


Product description

  • Our Press model  

Our power press machine including  APA precision C type steel frame press; KDL stroke adjustable model press , APC double crank precision steel frame press; APD semi-closed precision steel frame press; APE closed gantry double crank precision steel frame press; APH high speed gantry press; SH high speed precision press; S1-S4 Eccentric gear type large press, etc..


  • APE model Specification : (other model please contact us )


Name APE-200 APE-300 APE-400
Capacity (Ton) 200 300 400
Rated tonnage point (mm) 6 7 7
Speed changing (s.p.m) 20-50 20-35 20-30
Stroke (mm) 250 300 300
Die height (mm) 500 550 550  
Slide adjustment (mm) 120 120 120
Slide area (mm) 1850X750 2100X900 2800X900
Bolster area (mm) 2200X940 2500X1000 3200X1000
Main motor (kw.p) VS18.5x 4 VS30X4 VS30x 4
Slide adjust service (HP) Electric driving Electric driving Electric driving
Air pressure (kg/cm2) 6 6 6


  • Machine configuration
Item Brief Description
Machine Body Basic Parts Steel plate welded structure, through vibration aging treatment, the overall heat ageing annealing treatment. (Double aging treatment)
Bolster basic parts Made from Casting HT200,through annealing treatment
Crank Basic Parts Made from Forging, through flaw detection ,surface quenching, nitriding processing
Fly Wheel Basic Parts Casting HT200,Through Annealing Treatment
Worm Basic Parts Zinc-based alloys
Worm Gear Basic Parts Made from  45# steel
Connecting Rod Basic Parts Made from Ductile iron, cast iron, and  throughnormalizing treatment
Ball Head and Screw Basic Parts Made From 45# steel, surface by Nitriding treatment
Balance Cylinder Parts Cylinder Body Inside Through Honing Processing


Machine body Steel metal machine body, iron cast working table
Gears Forging die gear grinding with Germany N1LES grinding machine;
Inverter TECO ( Taiwan )
Motor ` TECO ( Taiwan )
Double-solenoid valve TACO ( JAPAN )
Over-load protector KINGAIR ( Taiwan )
Bearing NSK ( Japan )
Oil seals NOK ( Japan )
Contactor and other parts Schneider
Air adapter 3A ( Korea)
Nuts/screw and fastener MaoYi ( Taiwan)


  • Detail parts production process:
Forging crank , complete one piece forging making , not welding type 
Crank grinding , crank first going the lathe machine , then will use the grinding machine , one crank need take 7 hours grinding process


Machine frame , first will use the plasma cutting machine cutting the steel plate , before welding frame , we will use the beveling machine beveling the steel first , then fully welding again , this is our specially process , will making the frame body more stronger , after going shot blasting , and painting
Advanced Equipments for machine body process

We use CNC floor type boring machine


High precision gear , keep machine running low noise

Made by Germany NILE Grinder


For the ram assembly , every ram we stamp one code , to insure the assembly quality


All electrical parts as CE standard

Main Parts (Schneider)


Customer reference in UK

Nico Manufacturing Ltd,

109 Oxford Road,

Clacton-On-Sea, Essex. CO15 3TJ

Customer reference in CA  

Future Steel Buildings Intl. Corp.

220 Chrysler Drive

Brampton, Ontario

Canada, L6S 6B6



  • Company Honor


  • Customer case

  • Machine/ Company  advantage

  • adopts advanced SOLIDWORKS 3D solid model design technology;
  • 3D design has the following significant advantages:
  • Intuitive, easy to find space interference problems in the design, and greatly reduce errors in the design process;
  • Improve work efficiency, easily and quickly import 3D into 2D, greatly improve the efficiency of engineers’ drawing;
  • The borrowing of shared parts between models can greatly reduce the amount of repetitive work.


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