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C type two point press

Product Application

Machine is used for sheet metal parts stamping, combined with stamping molds and auto feeders, the automatic production line is formed. It’s applied for Home appliances, Air conditioner, Air cooler, refrigerator, Auto parts, Automotive parts, Car parts, Filters, Washing machine, Kitchen sinks, Kitchen products,Kitchenware, Kitchen appliances, Kitchen utensils, Kitchen supplies, Gas stove, Gas cooker, Mobile parts, Mobile phone parts, Microwave oven, hinge etc.

Main Features

High precision pneumatic press machine
Steel welded machine body with heat treatment
Multi language touch screen control system
High level precision, low voice, smooth running
CE certification European standard electric box with multi functions
Dry or wet clutch as option, speed inverter, overload protection and auto lubrication
Photoelectric light curtains, anti-vibration pads, local voltage transformers


Product description

Specification :

Name APC-110 APC-160
Capacity (Ton) 110 160
Rated tonnage point (mm) 5 3 6 3
Speed changing (s.p.m) 36-65 50-100 30-55 40-85
Stroke (mm) 180 110 200 130
Die height (mm) 400 435 450 485
Slide adjustment (mm) 100 100
Bolster area (mm) 1800X650X130 2000X760X150
Slide area (mm) 1400X500X70 1600X550X70
Weight (Ton ) 14.2 20
Main motor (kw.p) 11 15


Name APC-200 APC-250
Capacity (Ton) 200 250
Rated tonnage point (mm) 6 3 7 3.5
Speed changing (s.p.m) 25-45 35-70 20-35 35-60
Stroke (mm) 250 150 280 170
Die height (mm) 500 550 400 605
Slide adjustment (mm) 120 120
Bolster area (mm) 2400X840X170 2700X900X170
Slide area (mm) 1850X650X95 2100X700X96
Weight (Ton ) 27.5 45.5
Main motor (kw.p) 18.5 22


Machine configuration

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1 PLC + HMI 1 Die cushion
2 Dry clutch or wet clutch as option 2 Quick die change (Die lifter, die clamp, die arm etc.)
3 Miss feeding detector 3 Coil decoiling machine
4 Anti-vibration pads 4 Coil straightener
5 Auto grease lubrication 5 Coil servo feeder
6 Overrun protection device 6 Stamping dies(single stage die, progressive die, transfer die)
7 Photoelectric protection device/Light curtains 7 Automation/manipulator arms
8 Die height indicator
9 Motor inverter
10 Balancer
11 Cam switch
12 Knock-out device
13 Air ejector
14 Die light
15 Local voltage transformer
16 Maintenance tools and tool box


Press Machine Components

Hydraulic overload protection pump

When the pressure of slider exceeds its specified pressure, the overload pump will relieve the pressure to protect the stressed part of press machine from damage.



It works mainly for speed regulation, convenient for mold installation and trial by operators as well as machine maintenance.

Auto grease lubrication device

It works under PLC control, providing lubrication for guide rails, crankshaft bearing bush, etc. without manual interference, realizing automatic lubrication

Clutch and brake integrated

The function of clutch and brake is to control the movement and stop of slider, its sensitivity directly relates to safety issues, it works on the purpose of protecting the operators and press machine.

Digital die height indicator

Die height display is an instrument to show the height of the die. It has upper and lower limits to protect the height of die within a certain range.



Balancer and clutch pressure meter

The pressure of overload protection pump is generally adjusted at 0.4MPa, clutch and brake pressure at 0.6MPa, balancer pressure at 0.4MPa.

Slide adjustment motor

The motor drives the slider, which moves up and down to adjust the distance between slider and working table. When the distance is adjusted well, motor stops working.

Touch screen

Multi language touch screen control system. It displays a series of press parameter, such as SPM (strokes per minute), electronic cam angle etc. You may set other corresponding data through this touch screen.

Hands operation panel

When operators start the machine, they need to press the left and right buttons at the same time, which is to avoid potential safety risks when operators start the button while operating the machine.



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