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Horizontal Grooving Machine

Our Gantry style CNC hydraulic V grooving machine is widely used in the sheet metal V-groove,U-groove and other irregular groove processing,which is including stainless steel,aluminum,aluminum plate,copper,iron,plastic,wood,acrylic panels and other special plates.Particularly,it is can applicable to the V-groove processing of sheet metal before bending.

High efficiency,energy saving,environmental protection.

Fast and grooving precise positioning.

Adaptive forward,can adapt to different status of sheet metal.

High precision workable.

Easy operation,stable performance and reliable.

After use fixture of knife,knife change need not reset to zero.

Product description

Hydraulic side plate: the use of flexible clamping and unloading equipment, processing board from trauma, hydraulic compression, binder force adjustable

Toolholder transfer device used SFSR mute ball screws and heavy-duty roller linear guide QR, therefore high accuracy


Specification :

ITEM RGEK-1250X3200 RGEK-1250X4000 RGEK-1250X5000 RGEK-1250X6000
Cutting length 3200mm 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm
Cutting width 1250/1500mm
Sheet thickness 0.6-4mm
X axis Forward-Cutting speed 70m/ min
X axis Backward speed 80m/min
Y axis max distance 1250/1500mm
Y1 axis moving speed 20 m/min
Y1 axis resolution 0.001mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.01mm
Z axis resolution 0.001mm
Z axis accuracy ±0.01mm
X axis control AC frequency driver control, Brand Delta
Y,Z axis control Servo driver control, Brand Mitsubishi
Linear guide and ball screw Taiwan HIWIN
Bearing SKF
X axis motor power 5.5KW
Y/Y1/Z axis motor power 1.0/ 1.0 /1.0 KW
Control system Mitsubishi PLC
Clamping device Hydraulic
Cable Main Cable : Germany IGUS
Machine weight 8T 8.6T 9.8T 11T
Remark:X axis→ Controlling Beam Movement
         Y1 axis→Control the blade holder forward and backward movement
         Y2 axis→Control the mobile clamp forward and backward movement
         Z axis→Control blade holder up and down movement


Samples :




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