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Power Press Servo Feeder

1.Electric eye loop control system
2.Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
3.Hold down arms device
4.Hold up arm for sheet feeding in
5.Feeding line easily adjusts by advance worm gear screw jacks device
6.Leveling setting wheel with meter panel
7.The uncoiler contain the butterfly brakes air compressor
8.Uncoiler-inverter device
9.Feed and staightener rolls with a hard chrome finished
10.Up and down device for feeding in sheet loop
11.Coil tip flattness device
12.Coil holding arms

Product description


 2 in 1 decolier and straighter



  1. Suit for most of coiled materials, including HR, CR, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  2. ULA models achieve the maximum use of precious space by putting decoiler and straightener together.
  3. Coil is centered by manual or hydraulic expansion of the jaws.
  4. ULA models that are made up of non-motorized decoiler and motorized straightener are powerful enough to feed the metal strip smoothly.
  5. Equipped with 11 rolls including 7 straightening rolls and 4 pinch rolls, ULA models are suitable for material thickness from 0.5 to 3.0mm.
  6. The gaps between the upper and lower rolls are adjusted individually by hand wheels with reference indicator on the side of the frame.
  7. High-hardness rolls are heat-treated alloy steel and have been hard-chrome plated and precision ground.
  8. Equipped with Japanese electromagnetic contactor and electronic components, ULA models have fewer breakdowns and longer lifetime.
  9. Pneumatic press arm is available. (option)
  10. Equipped with inverter, ULA models allow a easy adjustment to the payoff speed. (option)
  11. Custom and application specific solution is available.


  1. Hydraulic expansion of decoiler mandrel
  2. Decoiler with AC motor
  3. Motorized decoiler with Inverter
  4. Pneumatic press arm
  5. Motorized straightener with Inverter



NCF model servo feeder



  1. All feed rolls are made of 40Cr, finished fine machining, heat treated, hard chrome plated and grind. Hardness is up to HRC58°~60°
  2. Feed rolls are power driven through a precision gear train.
  3. High-precision feed: NCF models are controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback system, so the feed precision is within +/-0.03mm.
  4. Phase-style feed function: It is available to input 20 groups of different feed length, each group provides punching for 999 times to satisfy the processing and production of special products (option).
  5. Manual model: It is availabe to input 3 phases manual speed so that users operate more easily and feed materials more accurately.
  6. High-efficiency release device: NCF models can set up release angle quickly, only mact CAM signal of and adjusted feed thickness can done.
  7. Feed length set up: Input feed length on the control screen directly.


3 IN 1  servo feeder


Standard accessory:
1. Electric eye loop control system
2. Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
3. Hold down arms device
4. Feeding line easily adjusts by advance worm gear screw jacks device
5. Leveling setting wheel with meter panel
6. The uncoiler contain the butterfly brakes air compressor
7. Uncoiler-inverter device
8. Feed and staightener rolls with a hard chrome finished
Option accessory:
1. Hydraulic driven coil cart
2. Oil lubricating equipment (manual/ electrical)
3. Hydraulic Cutter



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