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CNC laser blanking line

laser blanking system

In the production of cutting workpiece, through non-stop and unmanned feeding , unloading and stacking, laser uncoiling blanking production line highly increase processing efficiency and shorten the order of production cycle. What is more, this can cut and process extra-long sheet that is impossible to cut on conventional machines. Its efficient continuity and flexibility and other patented technologies  are bring new productive technologies to many industries.


KU3pro for high precision and demanding uncoiling and leveling. It can match 4-fold, 6-fold, uncoiling and leveling equipment, mainly used in stainless steel, Bimetallic Sheet, Galvanized Sheet,  Nonferrous Metal Sheet, And aluminum ,which can keep the surface smooth and avoid surface indentation


Product description

Main advantages


Process flew


1)Uncoiling the coil,the coil is brought by crane and put on the feeding cart.The cart moves the coil and uses its hydraulic cylinder to lift coil at the right height where the feeding platform of cart equals to uncoiler’s core axes, then the axes moves into the inner hole of the coil,the raw-material uploading is finished.

Once accepted the coil, the uncoiling spindle expands and shrinks by rotating the oil cylinder, in order to firmly stuck the coil hole and decoiling by tension.

2)Through the precision leveling machine, when the sheet material enters the feeding roller of the leveling machine, the sheet material enters the leveling roller system, and the sheet material repeatedly yields after the extrusion of the upper and lower leveling roller, so as to achieve accurate leveling.

3)Through the linear guide rail and transmission platform to transport the plate, the plate is transmitted while laser cutting. At the same time, laser marking and labeling can also be carried out.

4)The robot’s gripper is mainly composed of vacuum sucker and electromagnet, and each gripper is controlled uniformly.The the arm’s cylinder drives the vacuum sucker to push out, and separates the leftover materials and finished products, and places them in the designated area.

The gap of vacuum suckers and electromagnets can be adjusted through numerical control system, to meet the shape and size requirements of different products

Note:Functions of marking and automatic stacking are optional.


Feeding lifting system


The feeding trolley is located on the outer end face of the mandrel of the uncoiler, and the hydraulic cylinder lifts the steel coil. When working, hang the coil plate on the tray at the top of the oil cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder lifts the coil plate to the center of the uncoiler mandrel. After the feeding is in place, the uncoiler will make the arc plate expand and shrink through the oil cylinder for the uncoiler to tighten.  then, the trolley descends, and the trolley returns to the next loading position.


Uncoiler system –parameters

1 Bearing wieight ≤10t
2 Width of coil ≤1300 mm
3 Outer diameter of coil 1000~2000mm
4 Expansion range Φ480~520mm
5 Wedge slider 45# Steel Quenching and Tempering HB225~255
6 strip hold down roll Polyurethane coated
7 Drum surface Hard chromium plating
8 Braking / tensioning Pneumatic disc brake
9 Expanding oil cylinder Engineering cylinder
10 Pressure and pilot driver Hydraulic motor
11 Pressure and pilot cylinder Engineering cylinder
12 Auxiliary support cylinder Engineering cylinder
13 technology of main parts Integral aging treatment of frame steel plate welding
14 lubrication Manual fixed-point lubrication



Introduction system

It is used for threading the material coil, connecting and guiding the plate head, and making the plate head enter the pinch roll smoothly through the straight head

It is composed of frame, guide tongue table, straight head, etc.

The frame is welded by steel plate and shape steel

The hinge-point swing of the guide shovel head(hardened) is lifted and lowered by the oil cylinder, the expansion plate is driven and expanded by the oil cylinder, and the guide plate head is connected for transition


1 Material and heat treatment of main parts Welding and annealing treatment of frame steel plate
2 Support plate, guide plate 45# steel, Quenched and tempered, surface chrome plated
3 Shovel head cylinder Engineering cylinder
4 Straight head cylinder Engineering cylinder
5 Telescopic cylinderv Engineering cylinder
6 lubrication Manual dry oil lubrication gun


Leveling system

Support-roll-construction,digital displayed  leveling process. When changing the material thickness, it can reach the specified position quickly and simply. With the functions of motor adjustment, intelligent shutdown, forward and reverse one-button conversion, it makes the equipment more efficient and stable operation more convenient.

6-fold 24 rollers leveling equipment, mainly used in stainless steel, Bimetallic Sheet, Galvanized Sheet,  Nonferrous Metal Sheet, And aluminum ,which can keep the surface smooth and avoid surface indentation


Leveling system-Power part

The machine is designed with two-stage power drive. The power of the main motor is transmitted to the power distribution box with gear structure through the reducer. Each leveling work roll has driving force input. The power mechanism, composed of motor, reducer, coupling, power distribution box, universal transmission shaft, drives  the upper and lower rows of work rolls from end of rolls at the same time. The main force is from high-power DC motor, which is responsible for providing power to the leveling unit, at the same time, the DC motor starts at low speed, with high torque and fast response speed when making and breaking frequently. Equipped with high-end digital DC controller, the production line has high production efficiency and good length fixing accuracy.


Leveling system- Rollers

The roller end bearing adopts precision needle roller bearing to connect the roller shaft seat, and the running resistance is small. The upper and lower working rollers and the upper and lower cross beams are provided with middle rollers and support rollers which feature Finish grinding after quenching, and slightly lower hardness compare with work rolls. Most of the bending force generated by the work roll is borne by the middle roll and support roll. The middle roller can also isolate the mark brought by the feedback of the backup idler to the work roller on the plate surface, so as to ensure that the surface is not damaged after passing through the leveler. Multiple groups of support rolls work together with middle roll and work roll to greatly improve the stiffness and strength of work rolls. The height and direction of the idler base are adjusted with wedges, which can not only reduce the deformation of the work rolls, but also easier to adjust. The support roll and the roll shaft base are connected by bearings.


Laser cutting system

The machine adopts professional machine bed structure, aging annealing treatment, high precision rack and rail drive mechanism, plus Yaskawa servo motor, so that all the moving parts run fast and stable. The moving part of the bed is equipped with automatic lubrication system, and the German technical numerical control system makes the cutting of the equipment stable, fast with high precision. 6000W laser tool can cut aluminum plate, carbon steel, stainless steel galvanized plate and so on.

1 Cutting working table size 1300mm*3000mm
2 Unloading working table size 1300mm*3000mm
3 X-aixs stroke 1300mm
4 Y-aixs stroke 3000mm
5 Z-aixs stroke 150mm
6 Positioning accurancy ±0.5mm
7 Repeat positioning accurancy ±0.3mm
8 Max cutting speed 40m/min
9 Max feeding speed 16m/min
10 Platform load-bearing 1 ton


Laser cutting system -configuration

Item Brand Origin Unit
CNC control System  Beckoff Germany 1
Nesting software  cncKad Israel 1
Servo Motor Yaskawa Japan whole sets
Linear Guide rail HIWIN Taiwan whole sets
Gear rack pinion YYC Taiwan whole sets
Machine servo drivers Yaskawa Japan whole sets
Pneumatic Components SMC Japan whole sets
Laser source MAX 6000W China 1 set
Laser head Precitech Procutter2.0 Germany 1 set
Chiller Tongfei China 1 set
Air condition Tongfei China 1 set
Low voltage electrical components Schneider France whole sets
Feeding  platform Yaskawa Japan whole sets
Unloading platform Yaskawa Japan whole sets


Components of equipment

Machine bed

The machine base adopts a superposed-welded one-piece machine body, which is treated to eliminate internal stress after annealing. After rough machining, vibration aging is performed before finishing, which greatly improves the rigidity and stability of the machine bed and ensures the cutting accuracy.


Laser source Max 6000W

The highest market share in market    proves its superior and stable performance.


High electro-optical conversion efficiency

Output fiber length can be customized

QBH/QD connector

Maintenance-free operation

Wide modulation frequency range

Small size, easy to install


Precitech Lightcutter

The cutting head LightCutter Zoom 2.0 provides a maximum and flexible performance in a minimum of space. It generates the perfect beam for all materials in all thicknesses for laser powers up to 6 kW and is therefore the ultimate all-rounder for your flatbed system


Optional parts


1)6 axis robot arm for unloading

TYPE: ESTUN ER220-2650


Repeat positioning accurancy:


Max load eight:220kg

Axis:6 axis

We need to know your more clearly parameters


2  Gantry system for unloading-Plan A


We need to know your more clearly parameters


3   laser marking system

Power 20/30/50w

Self-adjusting speed and output power

Industrial exterior design;

Marking area: 100*100-300*300mm

Max making speed:8000mm/s.

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian


4  UPS

The industrial-grade UPS series is specially designed for relatively special operating environments such as power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgical industries or other conventional equipment power supply systems. It adopts the input and output double isolation design to effectively enhance the UPS’s ability to withstand voltage and load shocks; the use of advanced The advanced DSP digital control technology makes the whole machine have high reliability and fast transient response; the whole machine adopts a modular design, and the maintenance is very simple.



customer cases of laser blanking line with 6kw laser power and six-fold leveler are more than 10 already


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