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profile rolling machine

CNC Profile Rolling Machine Brief Introduction

CNC Profile Rolling Machine is at least 1 axis controlled by servo motor. It can achieve high precision bending andgradual change arc bending . It adopts SIEMENS CNC control system to control machine’s action. It’s very suitable for high precision bending requirement industry such as aircraft, rockets, trains,automotive,etc.


CNC Profile Rolling Machine’s Feature Highlights

  1. 3 rolls driven by hydraulic system.
  2. Curvature adjusting roller’s movingadopts servo motor
  3. Adjusting single roller to achievecurvature adjusting.
  4. curvature adjusting by input needed datain CNC control for auto caculate and control.
  5. Use touch screen, PLC and electricalcontrol system.
  6. Multi language of control system.
  7. Fault automatic check function
  8. Error and sulution method on the screen.
  9. Counting function.
  10. Save bending programme in PLC for nexttime use.
  11. Manual,Semi-auto and Auto mode.
  12. Hydraulic oil cooling system
  13. It can process different profile likeangle iron, flat iron, round pipe, and other different sections.
  14. Design rolling machine according toindustry’s characteristics.


Product description

Model RR 100-TNC
max section modulus of elasticity(cm3 34.9
bending speed (m/min) 5
profile yielding limit (Mpa) σs =250
Round Pipe

Max. OD(mm) 101.6
wall thickness (mm) 5
Min. bending dia (mm) 1200
Round Bar

Max. OD 60
Min. bending dia 450
Square Pipe

Max. section 80
wall thickness 4
Min. bending dia 1300
Flat Steel in Hard way

Max. section 85
wall thickness 18
Min. bending dia 750
Flat Steel in Easy way

Max. section 100
wall thickness 35
Min. bending dia 400
Angle Steel Incurvature

Max. section 90×10
Min. bending dia 1400
Angle Steel excurvature

Max. section 90×10
Min. bending dia 1400
U steel Incurvature

channel iron model 10
Min. bending dia 850
U steel Excurvature

channel iron model 8
Min. bending dia 1300


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