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cnc panel bending center

The panel bender produced by KISTON is based on the design concept of savanini,Primapower, Germany Trumpf and other well-known foreign brands. It has high requirements in terms of function, performance, accuracy and stability, but the cost performance is far higher than the products of the same specification of domestic brands. At present, it can solve the sheet metal parts with 3mm thick and 2.5m length MS  and 2.0mm thick and 2.0m length SS . With the function of automatic tool change, it has been widely used in elevator, electric power, anti-theft door, mechanical equipment and other industries.

KISTON full servo multilateral panel bender is divided into two specifications: automatic tool change HMBC and manual tool change EMBC; According to the size of the table, it can be divided into 1400,2200,2500 and other specifications; According to the maximum bending thickness, it can be divided into 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and other specifications (MS), which is at the leading level in domestic peers.

Product description

Overview of KISTON Panel Bender

According to the design concepts of savanini and primapower, the structural design of the core components of the machine tool is original, so as to avoid the impact of structural defects on the bending accuracy and plate thickness, such as integral body, direct drive plate rotation, bending driving mode, etc. various accessories are selected according to high standards and strict requirements, and through rigorous structural design and theoretical calculation, Ensure the service life and stability of the equipment, and the brand, model and specification of main accessories far exceed that of domestic equipment.

In addition to the above main advantages, our equipment is strictly implemented in accordance with foreign technical indicators in terms of processing technology, assembly technology and quality requirements. The control system, transmission parts and processing parts are configured in high standards to ensure the processing efficiency, processing accuracy and stability of the equipment.


Main Advantages of Wisdom Panel Bender

All axes of the full electric servo multilateral bending center are controlled by servo motor. The plate is automatically positioned and rotated to realize one-time positioning and automatically complete the multilateral positive and negative bending without manual feeding and turnover, which saves labor and processing time, realizes intelligent processing, and has good consistency of parts and components.

  1. The design of frame and C-shaped bending unit is designed in cooperation with a university, all of which adopt finite element analysis, and the material is Q345 steel; Carbon dioxide shielded welding; Conduct tempering treatment to eliminate the stress caused by welding; So as to improve the rigidity, enhance the anti deformation ability and ensure the accuracy of parts.
  2. Servo motor control is adopted, with lower energy consumption compared with traditional hydraulic control.
  3. Servo motor control is adopted, with automatic lubrication as the key point and lower maintenance cost
  4. Servo motor control is adopted, with higher control accuracy and consistency.
  5. Servo motor control is adopted, with low equipment operation noise
  6. Realize the automatic positioning and rotation of plates without the participation of personnel, eliminate the occurrence of industrial accidents, improve the consistency and efficiency of products
  7. The upper and lower platen pressing method is adopted to ensure the feeding accuracy of plates
  8. DD motor is adopted to ensure the rotation accuracy of plate. 9. C-type bending unit is adopted to realize positive and negative bending and improve production efficiency
  9. C-type bending unit and special bending track are adopted to make the surface scratch of bending parts smaller
  10. The universal upper pressing unit can automatically adjust the die length according to the plate length without manual die change, making the bending more flexible and efficient
  11. Special box avoidance design makes bending more flexible.
  12. Movable bending unit design meets more complex requirements of customers and improves production efficiency
  13. The professional design team can design and develop customized equipment .

15 according to the requirements of customers’ parts, so as to provide more powerful equipment guarantee for factory automation in the future.

  1. It adopts EtherCAT bus control mode with strong anti-interference ability.
  2. It supports two-dimensional programming function and imports two-dimensional DXF drawing data
  3. It can realize positive and negative bending, arc bending, flattening bending, special bending and other bending processes



Model EMBC-2502
Max. sheet length (mm) 2500
Max. sheet width (mm) 1500
Max.rotatable diagonal(mm) 2800
Min. bending length(mm) 250
Min. bending width(mm) 125
Min.bending thickness(mm) 0.5
Upper press device length adjustment model Automatic
Mex. bending height(mm) 200
Average energy consumption(KW) 7
Weight(T) 18
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 5200*3200*2800
Max. thickness and bending angle  MS, UTS410N/mm²(mm) 2.0 (± 90°)
Max.thickness and bending angle SS,UTS600N/mm²(mm) 1.2(± 90°)
Max.thickness and bending angle  Aluminium,UTS265N/mm²(mm) 3.0 (± 90°)



No. Name Brand
1 Body EMBC-2502
2 CNC System Wisdom
3 Servo system Xiawu
4 Servo driver bystorm
5 Reducer STY Gear
6 Tool Wisdom
7 Breaker Schneider
8 Relay Schneider
9 Ballscrew NanjingTechnical
10 Rail Rexroth
11 Pneumatic parts SMC
12 Bearing FAG
13 Bearing NACIH




According to the three-dimensional solid model developed and designed, the finite element dynamic model for calculation is established. The model considers the main components on the force transmission connection. The force is transmitted to the support through the connecting parts, and then the strength analysis of the support is carried out.Accuracy requirements: the stable bed structure, precise component processing and strict assembly process ensure the accurate angle and straightness of the bending center height. The angle is guaranteed to be within ± 0.5 degrees and the size is guaranteed to be within ± 0.05mm.

According to the results of finite element analysis of the frame, Q345 steel is selected as the material of the bending center; Carbon dioxide shielded welding is adopted for integral welding; Conduct tempering treatment to eliminate the stress caused by welding; So as to ensure the accuracy, stability and high rigidity of the equipment for long-term operation. At present, the domestic equipment with low price is connected by two casting bodies with screws. Its defect is that the quality of domestic cast iron can not be guaranteed, and the screw connected bed can not guarantee the subsequent accuracy and stability under the influence of bending pressure. Therefore, our design structure is much higher than the split casting connected bed of domestic products. The cost of welding, tempering, processing and assembly is more than two or three times higher. Due to the slow processing speed, the strength analysis can be attributed to static problems. The pressing load of the plate is 100 tons and the bending load of the cutter head in the vertical direction is 70 tons. The deformation results are shown in the figure below. The maximum deformation occurs at the top of the support, and the maximum deformation is 0.3mm.

Static analysis results:

From the stress nephogram, it can be found that the maximum stress appears at the top of the side plate, and the maximum stress is 97mpa


Bending unit:

Bending efficiency: 0.2 seconds / bending. The bending efficiency is 30% – 40% higher than that of domestic equipment. For example, the fastest bending of door panels with 8 bends takes less than 21 seconds, and most domestic equipment takes less than 30 seconds.

The power driving part of the bending unit is driven by servo motor without the participation of hydraulic system, which has great advantages in reducing component wear and transmission efficiency, and is in line with the energy-saving and environmental protection policy advocated by the state.

According to the setting of plate information, the system automatically calculates the position of upper pressing knife 3, controls the distance between upper pressing knife 3 and lower pressing knife 4, and fixes the plate; According to the system setting, whether this bending is upward or downward, control the lower bending knife 2 or the upper bending knife 1 to move quickly to the bending position; According to the different setting angles, the patented angle calculation formula controls the bending knife to move to the calculation position to complete the bending.

According to different bending methods, it can be divided into angle bending, large arc bending, flattening bending, etc. among them, angle bending is also divided into upward bending and downward bending.

Universal tool library

HMBC full servo multilateral bending center is equipped with universal tool library, so that a series of bending with different plate lengths can be completed through a set of tool.

Before bending, the automatic tool change system can quickly and accurately move to the set position according to the set length of the plate, and there is no need to change the mold manually, so as to improve the productivity.

The automatic tool change system can provide higher flexibility, meet the needs of inner folding and quadrilateral, and can meet the bending requirements of any bending length.

Upper press material : a part to be used in all bending processes

EMBC full servo multilateral bending center is equipped with a special upper press unit, which can be installed and adjusted manually according to different plate lengths.

Before bending, replace the tool manually and adjust the length of the tool required for bending.


Can connect automatic line

With a unique automatic loading and unloading solution, the processing process is fully automatic without manual intervention, saving human resources and reducing investment costs.


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