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Double-machine linkage CNC press brake

The double-machine linkage CNC Press Brake is a high-end assembly CNC Press Brake, which adopts electro-hydraulic proportional synchronization technology, cooperates with proportional valve, grating scale, dual-machine linkage technology, and servo-controlled rear-block mechanism. It has good synchronization accuracy and strong anti-bias capacity. The frame is welded by integral steel plate, with proper appearance, sufficient strength and rigidity, stable operation, safety and reliability, easy operation, and can achieve ideal bending effect. It can be used in double-machine linkage mode or single working machine mode.

The machine adopts DA series of Dutch DELEM company and DNC series CNC Press Brake special system of Swiss CYBELEC company. The main cylinders on both sides synchronously adopt German imported electro-hydraulic servo valve and imported grating ruler to form a closed-loop control system, and adopt the automatic compensation system of oblique-block convex shape of worktable machinery. The rear-block mechanism with complete functions can be selected, multiple rear-block shafts can be controlled, feeding before and after optional maneuvering, feeding before and after optional numerical control, and optional maneuvering side-out can be selected. Material is convenient for side discharging of workpiece. The fuselage adopts a split assembly structure, which is convenient for transportation and processing, and can ensure the accuracy of the machine tool. The important parts such as fuselage and slider are analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of machine tools. The hydraulic system adopts the integrated control system imported from Germany. C-shaped plates are installed on both sides of the fuselage, and high-precision grating rulers are installed on C-shaped plates to avoid the influence of body deformation on bending accuracy when bending.


Product description

Linkage dual-machine linkage control, (as shown in the figure) adopts the Dutch DELEM multi-machine linkage control. The linkage card is proportional to the electro-hydraulic control signal, and the electro-hydraulic proportional valve acts at the same time to control two or three machines. If the two machines are synchronized, the machine tool does not have a sensor to control the intermediate position, and a voltage error can be issued to make the two machines operate synchronously


It has the function of switching between single machine and double linkage operation: it can work with single machine, or double machine and double machine and linkage operation.


Technical Parameters

MODEL Nominalpressure Lengthof table Widthof table Distancebetween uprights Throatdepth Openingheight
(KN) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
2-WE67K-300/3200 2×3000 2×3200 300 2680 400 520
2-WE67K-300/4000 2×3000 2×4000 300 3380 400 520
2-WE67K-300/5000 2×3000 2×5000 300 4000 400 520
2-WE67K-300/6000 2×3000 2×6000 300 4800 400 520
2-WE67K-400/4000 2×4000 2×4000 400 3200 400 630
2-WE67K-400/5000 2×4000 2×5000 400 4000 400 630
2-WE67K-400/6000 2×4000 2×6000 400 4800 400 630
2-WE67K-400/7000 2×4000 2×7000 400 5100 400 630
2-WE67K-500/4000 2×5000 2×4000 400 3200 1100 1000



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