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CNC Tube laser cutting machine

heavy-duty high-end laser cutting machine developed by KISTON Laser specifically for pipe metal processing with semi-automatic loading system. The machine base is made of high-efficiency annealing, roughing and finishing by welding up to 25mm thick steel plate. The whole machine is up to 13T, stable and durable.

The machine from the configuration selection to the assembly process, and then to the post-training and after-sales service, truly let customers use worry-free!



Product description

KISTON tube laser cutting machine description


Metal Plate and tube Welding structure Machine Base

  1. The machine base adopts high-strength rectangular tube and steel plate welding, and through the secondary aging treatment, Italian GOLGAR milling machine (Jinan FIN process center) precision machining, to ensure the stability and accuracy of machine tool operation.
  2. Plate welded cantilever beam, make sure good cutting stability



Specialized fiber-optic cutting head with Swiss technology, equipped with professional QBH fiber output interface, highly sealed precise focus adjustment, high-speed capacitive sensing, cutting distance of at lowest 0.1mm, improved cutting performance and reduced gas consumption.


Semi -Automatic Loader system (option part, price not include )

  1. Tubes on loader should be put in sequence
  2. Max weight for single tube loading capacity is 100Kgs
  3. Available loading round, square, rectangle, oval tubes


Fully enclosed chucks

  1. The chuck is complete sealing design which is effectively prevent cutting dust pollution
  2. Full stroke design, high alignment accuracy
  3. Gear transmission, good rigidity and high transmission accuracy;



Rear chuck

  1. The jaw is designed to be clamped and supported. The chuck rotates the bearing. The jaw connection mechanism has good sealing and strong anti-pollution ability.
  2. Integrated flange treatment, good rust resistance
  3. The chuck support base has high strength and better stability

This chuck is with hollow design, which is available for put exhaust column in the rear chuck, when machine cutting the last piece which is near the rear chuck, it can blower the cutting slags to protect the rear chuck by avoiding the slag come to the rear chuck.


Fscut 3000S controller with TubePro tube cutting software (hereinafter referred to as TubePro) is a professional cutting software for processing various types of tubes. Perfectly and seamlessly with Tubest layout software (this is an option), Tubest realizes parts layout, co-edge, basic technology and special technology processing. After exporting the processing file, you can directly use TubePro for cutting.

Software support file format most with IGS/IGES.


KISTON LASER Tube Cutter Features-Mechnical Parts


  1. Machine body

Machine body is base of machine, which could guarantee the quick cutting speed, precision. If the machine is not strong enough, it’s impossible to get the detailed cutting requirement.

KISTONmachine body was welded by 20mm, 40-45mm and 60mm cabon steel plate. The total length is 6m or 8m. It’s one entire pc without welded. Also the machine is heat treatment totally. Heat treatment way: 24 hours heat treatment in 800℃, and keep warm fro 8 hours, then 48 hours cooling. So the machine body will work stably in the future.

Machine body weight is 8 tons. After assemble all covers and acessries, whole machine weight is 14 Tons.


  •  Liner and gear are very important to cutting precision, so we need nice gear and guide base. KISTONpipe cutter liner base is made of 6m or 8m long, 90mm thick metal sheet. After heatment with machine body, the whole pc with machine body, base, total flatness, straightness, holes over 8mm will be machining in Galgar machinary, costed 10 million. (base precision should be within 0.5mm, flatness within 0.5mm, straightness 0.3mm/m, straightness for whole pc within 0.5mm)


  1. Guide rail:The precision grade smaller, the better. KISTON adopts high-precision rack pinion, and with the rail positioning block, double guarantee the rail stability without deformed during the debugging process and the use process.
  1. Gear Rack Pinion:The precision grade larger, the better. KISTONLASER adopts helical rack pinion which precision level more than grade 6.(The higher of the grade, the better for the precision). Helical rack has the advantage on transmitting larger torque and has little wear for itself. When install the gear rack, will also attached the aligning pin, this can helps much more stable than using the bolt only. By using the aligning pin, can avoid accuracy declining because of bolt loosen.




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