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KISTON tube bending machine

  • How to select the tube bending machine model

First need know the basic information , material , wall thickness ,and diameter

Then need know the work piece drawings , we need know it is 2D bending machine or 3D bending machine can do the job


  • What is the difference for different model

We have three model in Tube bending machine , the standard hydraulic bending machine , the NC tube bending machine with auto rotary function , the CNC tube bending machine with rotary and feeder , we need get the details drawings , then will suggest the correct model


  • How many parts we have in the tube bending die

KISTON tube bending machine including the bending die , clamping die , guide die , wiper die , and mandrel


  • The tube bending machine how to working

For control system , we have touch screen for programming , you in input the bending degree , rotary degree , and feeder position


For bending head driver system , usually it is the hydraulic driver , if customer need the servo motor driver , we also have the servo type


For rotary and feeder , in KISTON machine all use the servo motor driver , fast and precision


For the die clamping action , we are use the hydraulic type


  • Did we produce custom-made machine

Yes, we can provide custom-made machines , such as the auto loading and unloading function

Multi-layer die design , tube end forming function , we can design machine according customer details requirement .