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KISTON rolling machine

  • How many type rolling machine your factory produce ?

KISTON rolling machine have two three type according the rollers , two roller rolling machine , three roller rolling machine , four roller rolling machine


  • How to choose the rolling machine

First have to know the material thickness , length , material , according these information , we will know the machine capacity


Then have to know the work piece details , what customer making , for example , if customer use for the water heat tank area , we will suggest the two roller rolling machine , the two roller rolling machine with high precision and fast speed . but , can not work for heavy duty work


If customer rolling heavy duty work , have to considering use three roller or four roller machine , the four roller machine will easy for operation , and with pre-bending function , will get nice shape , but cost will high than the three roller machine


  • What is the KISTON rolling machine advantage

For the roller rolling machine , the important is the roller quality , how to making the roller , KISTON rolling machine , all roller use forging making process , and it is the completed one piece .


KISTON rolling machine , the hydraulic parts and electrical parts all use the famous brand parts , such as the YUKEN ,SIEMENS , SCHNEIDER etc


KISTON rolling machine , we have mechanical type , hydraulic type , CNC type , we can provide different rolling proposal according customer work piece details