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KISTON Laser blanking line?

What the advantage of the laser blanking line?

  • The laser blanking line is more fast than the press blanking line , and with high efficiency ,save the raw material
  • All the line is including the decolier -straighter -laser cutting -out put table , all working together by one controller , not same other supplier making separated in the control system , just put different unit into together
  • The laser cutting system , only need input the drawings in the controller , if use the press blanking line , when doing the different workpiece , need change the die , laser no need
  • The laser suitable for large production capacity requirement factory , because the machine running fast ,high precision , but , investment is high also


How to choose the laser model?

The laser blanking line not the standard machine , it is custom-made according customer required , we need know more details information for the raw material , width , thickness these basic information , then we will send our proposal to customer check